Clapham Park Futures

Do you live in Clapham estate?

Are you currently working?

Do you want better prospects for work opportunities, to learn new skills and actively increase your well-being?

IoUH has commissioned MTHV to understand whats happening for residents who live on Clapham Estate. A new incisive has been created to understand the experience and action practical solutions to health, work-related opportunities and an increase in community-based business prospects.

What makes this commission different to any other initiative set up in the area?

MTHV will be working alongside LiA Consultancy to build on assets already established in the community to make improvements for residents.
Whether you are renting, have brought your home, run a business, local groups or offer existing support, we want to hear from you!

We believe in working from the ground up and investing in what you think should be done differently, what should be offered when during this creation of new opportunities for work and better well-being for families and individuals who aspire to see a shared vision for localised support in employment and wellbeing on Clapham Estate.

When accessing jobs, career opportunities and increased community-based business prospects.

If you would like to get involved in this project or learn more about what we are doing, contact us!