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Learning In Action Consultancy was set up to meet the needs of professionals, practitioners and individuals who are passionate about a cause and want to bring their vision to life,  become self-employed or start a business. Are you passionate about community and self-development? Through skills development, knowledge and lived experience, I consult, assist and support the socio-economic development and wellbeing of organisations and individuals in the modern UK.

Learning in Action

 Master the art of making complex challenges simple 

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Michelle is a creative, innovative visionary. She is a natural leader, and under her guidance and mentorship, I have developed more confidence in my approach to building my business. Michelle and I have collaborated on various projects, and her natural ability to connect with and understand your vision is amazing. 


Cherrill Hutchinson 

Black Women's Kindness Initiative 

Michelle’s sessions have helped me to be more organised and independent. She has taught me how to deal with my emotions by using my skills. Michelle has given me sets of tasks to solve any of my issues. Also, she has made me think hard about my thoughts and decisions. My health and well-being have improved a lot because of these sessions. Michelle had helped me on finding out who I am. Finally, Michelle’s Sessions have helped me understand what I want to do and achieve in the future.

Young Man, Aged 19  

Start Again Project 

"I love working with Michelle, she is so passionate about her work. Her commitment to Black women in business and social impact more broadly is second to none. I would trust her with a piece of work implicitly. She has integrity and authenticity. She is a great leader and I feel privileged to work with her and would really recommend her to any potential client."

Amy Barbor

School of Social Entrepreneurs

We felt compelled to do this review for this particular business mainly because of Michelle and her team's unwavering support over the years.  LIA’s innovative ideas helped bring my business ideas into fruition twofold of what we ever envisaged.  We dearly cherish this business relationship and certainly look forward to further collaborations. 

Althea Hamilton

Big Nanny's Hair Products

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