About L.I.A

What is LiA's approach?

Training is delivered by way of discussion, case studies, looking at facts and figures o relevant subjects and from hands on experiences of the training facilitators.

At L.I.A we believe that sharing parts of our story can help impact others and motivate them on their educational journey.

L.I.A (Learning In Action), founded by Michelle Thompson and Co directed by Amy Barbor,  is a multifaceted business that offers the very best in training experiences in open but personable environments. We like our attendees to feel comfortable in their learning spaces and ensure they get the most out of their experience with us.

At L.I.A we know that everyone does not learn in the same way and so we offer our clients the opportunity to learn in an informal and comfortable setting that enables them to express their thoughts and feelings openly in small groups of peers. This also allows attendees to learn from each other and helps break down barriers where a person may feel like they are unable to impart their experience in a ‘normal’ learning setting.

What are LiA's aims?

We want our candidates to learn in an environment that doesn't feel like one of learning. We take the daunting feeling out of learning and replace it with fun, necessary information and the idea that we want each other to succeed when we leave. 

Learning In Action is a community-based entity that cares about it’s clients in a way that allows them to come back if they need more information or pointing in the right direction regarding what to do next.


Who is LiA?

The message we want our candidates to walk away with, is one of confidence in what they do and how to apply their findings to their every day work.

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