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Connect and build confidence with peers who recognise the importance of informed practice, being integral and reputable, building relationships of worth and remaining consistent in providing services of value.

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What I Offer? 

As a Social Entrepreneur, it's very easy to get swept away with hundreds of ideas and the passion to start them all. So I decided that I was going to be a master at something rather than nothing at all. I listen, I hear everything and everyone and this allows me to analyse information through curiosity, structured questioning and insight, which enables us - you and me to map out very clear and simple ways for moving forward as an MD, CEO, leader or parent with each and every challenge you face. "It's liberating, exciting, focused and reduces errors." says one of my clients. 

We turn ideas into structures and create an individual style of delivery that can be communicated across your team, organisation, business and at home. I help you cut out the crap so you can get the job done. Recognise it, park it, get on with it or ditch it; because you can, you wouldn't be in the position if you couldn't.



Join my 3 step programme or gain confidence in unpacking complex thinking and focus on the things that are essential challenges in an Action Learning Set.

Learning In Action programmes, workshops and events are customised designed and facilitated to meet the needs of organisations at the transition and development stage of new projects and programmes. 

Each programme follows a basic format, full of resources, activities and tools enabling children, young people and families to listen, challenge and create change together in safe spaces together across 3 to 12 months. All sessions last an hour and a half and include reflective practice tools.

'I feel Liberated.'

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