"Actions Come From The Response To Things

We Already Know."

Michelle Thompson


About Me

My name is Michelle, and I work with organisations and individuals to bring their vision and mission to life. As a social entrepreneur, I focus on wellbeing, parenting and self-development to bring about a transformation aligning work and home, tasks and activities.  Rediscovery, love and belief in me was the first hurdle on my journey to being the best version of myself. I lost all my confidence due to a traumatic life experience and had no plan B.

– Still Travelling – 


I am energetic, fierce, but fair; I ask questions that seem to make no sense but make perfect sense once you start talking and making sense of your challenges. Curiosity and creativity keep me alive; exploring new ways to achieve significant impact is life’s gift to me. Getting to the point is a habit of mine; no rush though I am person to person sort of woman, passionate about social and emotional healing and change – I rarely give up and continuous learning keeps me ready, prepared and alert.

Peace Of Mind

Inner peace and calmness allow me to hear, feel and see those who work with me for who they are, good and bad. Also, I’m a bit of a scatty mum of 3, one girl and two boys. They keep me agile in my thinking and on my toes with activities, social calendars and "Mum can I?", "Can you?" when they are not sleeping.

As the lead consultant, I exemplify L.I.A through my self-employment, specialising in health and wellbeing promotion,  development and change within business and community services; balanced around a lifestyle of holidays, netball, days out, self-care and prayer; designed with my children, family and passion for working with black women in mind.

Unearth The Knowledge And Wisdom From Within!

It is fair to say running a business, managing a service or provision, being a sole trader or trying to work out who you are amongst billions of people can be a mind-field. In addition for some, the task of running a home and raising a family is not easy or something to be taken lightly. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows that can leave professionals and practitioners emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually fatigued.

How Can I Help?

Within Action Learning, you will be able to think aloud, create solutions to your challenges and execute your actions through processes that provide the space to have fun while achieving your goals at work and home.

As a leader, my goal is to help you think smart, not hard and live a lifestyle by design. Time is value, skills are assets, self-development and decision-making processes are simplified and action lead to positive impact.

L.I.A Consultancy achieves this by designing and delivering programmes, workshops and events that are diverse and inclusive.


I work with clients on highly sensitive subjects and challenges where we have an open dialogue about business, self-development and home life. In your and my best interests, I maintain a  professional and integral code of conduct when handling sensitive and personal information. 

Who is L.I.A?

LIA is a female name meaning; Bringer Of Good New. L.I.A seemed fitting as an acronym for this consultancy as I've always been highly optimistic, walking in my truth, sharing what I know about business, community development and life in general. 

Learning In Action is more about recognising success, failure and the ability to keep moving despite the challenges. I have gained from hitting rock bottom, identifying and growing multiple valuable skills to help overcome my own challenges. By sharing my learning, skills, tools and resources, L.I.A has created a ripple effect supporting others to do the same.